What's New at Hephzibah
Aug 01

Summer Day Care Playshops are Fun for All

Hephzibah’s Summer Day Care program is wrapping up and once again, the program’s playshops have been a huge hit with students and teachers alike.

Play shops are week-long specialty workshops. Each child picks two playshops per week based on their interests. There were 89 playshops offered this summer.

Each staff member chooses three to four playshops and develop a lesson plan for each. These lesson plans are submitted for approval in early May, 6 weeks before the children arrive for Summer Hephzibah. The playshops are divided in categories of sports, performing arts, STEM, art and “other.”  The theatre playshop meets for three weeks and culminated in two performances of an original script entitled “The Cookoff.”  Each playshop is a multi-age group of up to 20 children and two instructors.

Each day care instructor chooses a topic in which they have a particular interest and they share their knowledge with the kids as hands-on projects. The children loved the baking soda and vinegar volcanos! Other options included golf, calligraphy, comedy, sign language and many more.