Do you dream about living in and exploring the United States? Experience America with Spirit’s cultural exchange programs.

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Intern or Train in the USA

International students and young professionals intern and train with US businesses. You can gain valuable professional development through hands-on training.

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teach in the us

Teach in the USA

International teachers teach in accredited primary or secondary U.S. schools for 1-3 years.  Learn how you can teach American students STEM, Foreign Language, Special Education and more.

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Work & Travel in the USA

International university students participate in a J-1 Work & Travel Program in the USA for 2-4 months. Experience American culture while working in a seasonal hospitality position in the USA.

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Welcome the World to Your Workplace

Spirit offers American employers and accredited K-12 schools the opportunity to host international students, young professionals and teachers through a variety of program options.


Host an Intern or Trainee

Add an international perspective to your office with J-1 Interns and Trainees from around the world.  Whether you are a large engineering firm or a small luxury resort, we have the right candidates for you.

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Host an Exchange Teacher

Spirit’s J-1 Visa Teacher Program matches qualified international teachers and K-12 schools in the USA for 1- 3 year programs teaching foreign language, STEM, Special Education and more.

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Host Work & Travel

Hire international university students for seasonal positions and provide them with a unique insight into U.S. culture.

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About Spirit Cultural Exchange

Spirit Cultural Exchange is designated by the United States Department of State as a J-1 Visa Program Sponsor for the J-1 Work and Travel, Internship, Trainee and Teacher Programs. Spirit’s U.S. based exchange programs allow you to truly immerse yourself in American culture while gaining professional experience or training in your field of expertise. We aim to give all participants a life-changing experience, resulting in a global “spirit” of international peace and understanding that lasts long after the program ends. Spirit also offers cultural exchange programs outside the USA for Americans curious about the world.

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International-American Friendships

What people are saying…

``I really like working with my Account Executive, she is very helpful all of the time and responds right away to any needs or questions that may arise.``- Kay W. | Hotel Owner, Cooke City, MT
“Go out and travel the world, on the way you’ll find yourself and realize your dreams!”- Oscar O. | Spring 2013 Participant
I would like to express thanks to Spirit for giving me an amazing summer. I have improved my English and have lots of international friends and work experience. My placement was wonderful and beautiful. It was my first summer in the USA and the people were so nice. My boss and my co-workers would help me and teach me lot of things - I learned to swim and it was so much fun. My sister participated in Spirit's Work and Travel program five years ago. Now, it was my turn to participate in the J-1 Work and Travel Program with Spirit.``- Azkhuu E. | Participant
“This program helped me a lot to gain more confidence, trust myself more and become braver now. Thank you for allowing me to experience this program.” -- Roxanne R. | Culinary Trainee in West Virginia

Our volunteer program in Ecuador lets you live abroad affordably and help the community you are living in.

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