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Do you dream about working in and exploring America? Experience the US with Spirit Cultural Exchange’s J-1 Programs.

J-1 Work & Travel Programs in the USA

Spirit Cultural Exchange offers J-1 Work & Travel Programs in the USA for 2-4 months. Experience the USA while working in a seasonal position in the hospitality field.

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J-1 Internships in the USA

International students and young professionals can intern and train with U.S. businesses. Get valuable professional development opportunities through hands on training.

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Spirit Cultural Exchange J-1 Teacher Visa

J-1 Visa Teacher Program

Spirit’s J-1 Teacher Program offers accredited primary or secondary U.S. schools the opportunity to welcome qualified international teachers to their faculty for 1- 3 years.

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Our volunteer program in Ecuador lets you live abroad affordably and help the community you are living in.

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About Spirit Cultural Exchange

Since 2001, Spirit Cultural Exchange has been designated by the United States Department of State as a J-1 Visa Program Sponsor for the J-1 Work and Travel, InternshipTrainee and Teacher Programs. Spirit’s U.S.-based exchange programs allow you to truly immerse yourself in American culture while gaining professional experience or training in your field of expertise. We aim to give you a life-changing experience, providing a global “spirit” of international peace and understanding that lasts long after the program ends. Spirit also offers cultural exchange programs outside the USA for Americans curious about the world.

Past Participants who recommend Spirit as a J-1 Sponsor93%
Past participants whose english improved during the program88%
Past participants who were satisfied with their program96%
Past participants who were satisfied with their program96%
Spirit Intern Locations in US
US Schools to Teach In
Volunteer Programs
Spirit Alumni American Friendships

Employers, welcome the world to your workplace

Spirit Cultural Exchange offers American employers the opportunity to host international J-1 students and young professionals through a variety of program options. Take advantage of the extraordinary benefits of cultural exchange in your workplace.

J-1 Intern & Trainee Programs

Add an international perspective to your workplace with J-1 Interns and Trainees– Architecture firms, firms with interest in US and Mexico, high-end resorts nationwide… we have qualified hires for you.

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J-1 Work & Travel Programs in the USA

Your US-based hotel or resort (generally in small-medium towns) can hire international J-1 university students for seasonal positions and provide them with a unique insight into U.S. culture.

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J-1 Visa Teacher Program

Spirit’s J-1 Teacher Program provides qualified international teachers to teach at your school for 1- 3 year programs; teachers accredited for Public K-12, Language Immersion, or Charter Schools.

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What people are saying…

``I really like working with my Account Executive, she is very helpful all of the time and responds right away to any needs or questions that may arise.``- Kay W. | Hotel Owner, Cooke City, MT
“Go out and travel the world, on the way you’ll find yourself and realize your dreams!”</p> <p>Oscar O. | Spring 2013 Participant<br /> I would like to express thanks to Spirit for giving me an amazing summer. I have improved my English and have lots of international friends and work experience. My placement was wonderful and beautiful. It was my first summer in the USA and the people were so nice. My boss and my co-workers would help me and teach me lot of things - I learned to swim and it was so much fun. My sister participated in Spirit's Work and Travel program five years ago. Now, it was my turn to participate in the J-1 Work and Travel Program with Spirit.``- Azkhuu E. | Participant
Madeline Moon is an attentive and knowledgeable agent when it comes to finding teachers jobs in other countries. I have used her services both times for my placements and I have no regrets. She walked me through every step of the process, from the interview to the visa applications, she was always just a call or email away if I had concerns, and she made it her personal business to make sure I got the best job possible for my experience and abilities.<br /> Madeline also made sure that I was comfortable where I was going. Most agents will just pick a school or level of teaching without consulting their client first. The first time I applied for overseas teaching, almost all of my agents kept trying to place me in high schools just because I was qualified to teach at that level. But Madeline actually talked to me and listened when I said that I was not yet confident enough to teach high school and wanted to be place in an elementary/pre-school setting instead. She found me a great school, with friendly and helpful staff, and it really made the ultimate difference in my first time living overseas by myself. I was so grateful that I went back to her for help again when I decided to get another placement in South Korea. If you’re looking for a teaching job overseas, and you need some help, talk to Madeline. Her help and support will go a long way to making your process a smooth and memorable one.- Chelsey Gray

You need Spirit Cultural Exchange if you are:

An Independent Trainee

You are an international professional who has already identified an advanced professional training in the US and need visa assistance.

A Premium Culinary Trainee or Intern

Recent culinary degree grads and professionals who want to train in the US at a fine-dining property.

An International Teacher

International teachers who want to teach in the US for up to 3 years, mainly Special Ed, Language, and STEM teachers.

An Employer of Seasonal Workers

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An International Agent

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Volunteering Abroad?

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