Foster Care and Adoption

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Each year, Hephzibah foster and adoptive families open their homes and their hearts to hundreds of neglected and abused children. We are always in need of loving families to care for our foster children! Become a foster parent >

Sometimes, helping a child means finding a loving, caring and safe environment outside of the home. When this is the case, our award-winning Foster Care Program ensures that there are licensed family homes, on a temporary basis, for children in crisis. Our dedicated foster parents are specially trained to provide the love, constancy and support needed to help neglected and abused children heal and learn to trust again.

Sometimes foster care is a temporary arrangement while parents and children receive the counseling, services and support they need to succeed as a family unit. When returning home to their biological parents isn’t an option, many of the children in our Foster Care Program form permanent families with their foster parents through Hephzibah adoptions.

Foster Care Support Services Program

Hephzibah’s Foster Care Support Services Program was established in 2002 to help traumatized children make a successful transition from our group homes into loving foster and adoptive homes. To help ensure the success of each placement, Hephzibah’s Foster Care Team provides an extensive array of foster care support and stabilization services, including:

  • Our Weekender Program, which helps the children living in our group homes prepare for a successful transition to family life by providing opportunities for them to spend weekends with licensed Hephzibah foster families
  • In-home consultation and support for foster families
  • Respite services
  • Foster parent training sessions on topics ranging from positive discipline to educational advocacy
  • Foster parent support groups
  • Private consultations for foster parents grappling with the challenges of parenting children who have been traumatized by neglect or abuse
  • Parenting groups for biological family members, facilitated by a foster care specialist

Hephzibah Foster Parent Advisory Board

Hephzibah Foster Parent Advisory Board members serve as leaders of the greater foster parent population. This group brainstorms new ways that Hephzibah and foster parents can improve the foster care experience for children in care, foster families and Hephzibah Children’s Association. Any Hephzibah foster parent can participate in the Foster Parent Advisory Board. We encourage all foster parents to get involved by sharing ideas via email or attending a meeting in person. You do not need to be a member of the board to attend or provide feedback.  Please contact Laura Fuechsl, Foster Parent Service Coordinator, to provide your topic suggestions for upcoming Advisory Board meetings.


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Have a question about Hephzibah Foster Care?

To find out more about our Foster Care Program, please contact Shawna Ransom, Family Assessment Specialist, or Rachel Woehr, Foster Care Caseworker and Family Assessment Specialist, at 708.649.7140.